Ardmore ,12 years - Port Wood Finish 70cl

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Founded in 1898, Ardmore is kind of a strange duck compared to most Highland distilleries, as it is one of the few producing a medium peated whisky. Most of its production goes towards blended whiskies such as Teacher’s, but Ardmore also has a small (but loyal) following among single malt afficionados. The distillery has a small core range to satisfy their fans, to which the Ardmore 12 Y Port Wood Finish is one of the latest additions. It matured in American white oak bourbon barrels before a final maturation period in European half port pipes.
Meer informatie
Merk / Distilleerderij Ardmore
Categorie Single Malt
Land Schotland
Regio Highland
Inhoud 70cl
Alcoholpercentage 46%